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11 August 2021

Supporting activties that create cleaner air for everyone

PPA supporters are committed to improving air quality, reducing congestion and dwell time to find parking spaces to support the government’s clean air strategy.

Air pollution is the single greatest environmental risk to human health and transport emissions is a significant source of that pollution.  The immediate air quality challenge is to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides in the areas where concentrations of these harmful gases currently exceed legal limits.  Reducing particulate matter or PM2.5 is also now a priority. 

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) aim to reduce NO2 emissions in the worst effected areas.  There are two types of CAZ, one that is charged for and one that is not.  You may also recognise ULEZ – Ultra Low Emission Zone, which operate in London.

Local authorities are required to assess local air quality and develop an Air Quality Action Plan to reduce pollution to within statutory limits. Grant aid helps local authorities to implement the plan. Clean Air Zones are designed to tackle the most polluted spots. These are believed to be the best way to discourage polluting vehicles and encourage electric vehicle use as well as walking and cycling.

To read more about the work of the parking sector and the latest developments on Clean Air Zones visit the BPA Newsroom